Conference Topics


The conference focuses on five main themes below:


Panel 1: Foreign language majors 

-     Language changes;

-     The roles of English and other Asian languages in the context of globalisation;

-     Language policies;

-     Strategies for teaching and learning foreign languages;

-     Current status of teaching and learning foreign languages at different training institutions;

-     Modern theories of teaching foreign languages;

-     Methods in teaching foreign languages and foreign literature;

-     Learning styles;

-     Cognitive approaches to teaching and learning foreign languages;

-     Language support programmes;

-     Evaluation of foreign language teaching programs evaluation;

-     Foreign language testing and assessments;

-     Teaching foreign languages and culture;

-     Foreign languages for specific purposes (e.g. English for business, French for tourism, etc.)

-     Foreign language assistance programs;

-     Inter-disciplinary connections in teaching and learning foreign languages;

-     Foreign language teaching as vocational training (e.g. teaching interpreting and translation skills).


Panel 2: Major courses instructed in foreign languages

-     Curriculum and textbooks of major courses instructed in foreign languages;

-     Teaching major courses in foreign languagesChallenges and prospects;

-     Training lecturers to teach major courses in foreign languages.


Panel 3: Teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language

-     Curriculum and textbooks of Vietnamese as a foreign language

-     Methods of teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language;

-     Linguistic aspects of Vietnamese (phonetics, lexicologysemanticsgrammar...);

-   Contrastive analysis of Vietnamese and other languages in the world (formsphoneticsvocabulary,semanticsgrammar, etc.;

-     Preserving the clarity and purity of the Vietnamese language, promoting and maintaining the Vietnamese language in the community of overseas Vietnamese;

-     Testing and assessment of Vietnamese as a foreign language.


Panel 4: Culture in foreign language teaching in the integration era

-     National cultural identity and globalisation;

-     Impact of globalisation on cultural integration;

-     Intercultural communication in foreign language teaching.


Panel 5: Use of technologies and equipment in foreign language teaching and research 

-     Policies on the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in foreign language teaching and learning;

-     Innovative use of technologies in teaching, learning and research: challenges and opportunities;

-     Mobile learning;

-     Blended learning;

-     Use of open educational resources (OER) in teaching, learning and research;

-     Emerging technologies;

-     ICT training for foreign language teaching and learning.

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